Tom’s Big Hitchhiking Adventure: Day 1

On 1 June 2017, I left the small Cornish town of Falmouth to hitchhike alone to the other side of the world.

“…The magnitude of what I was attempting hit me like a stampede. I began to feel sick, but that could have been the hangover from my the night before.”

I knew the night before that, when I woke up, I wouldn’t want to leave. I’d talked about it for a year, but the time had really come. As the uninvited sun filled the room with its piercing rays and my eyes opened themselves, I found myself paralyzed in my bed. Back to sleep I went.

Falmouth in South-West England is where I blossomed from an anxiety sufferer to the man I am now. I have so many golden memories from that small seaside town that I’d struggled for a long time to leave it behind; those University years were the happiest I’d ever had, but they were over. To move on, I chose to leave from there on my solo hitchhiking adventure around the world; I would leave the old life to begin my new one as an Adventurer.

Never have I procrastinated as much as I did on that day. Finally, at 3pm, Jack, my last remaining friend there, and I walked out of his front door to the town center. This was the last time I’d see the place as it knew it. My throat knotted, and my legs stiffened. No quicker than we had to, we walked to the road going East. We took, what we thought was, a shortcut. When I pictured myself on the first day of a big, brave, life-changing adventure, I never imagined getting lost.

With my self-confidence knocked, it was time for Jack to leave me. When he disappeared around the corner, the magnitude of what I was attempting hit me like a stampede. I began to feel sick, but that could have been the hangover from the night before.

‘Who does this kind of trip?’ I thought to myself. ‘Only those explorers you see on TV. I’m not one of them! Behind me is safety. I can’t make it around the world alone!’

I couldn’t bring myself to put my thumb out; people stared as they rushed past in their cars. I felt like an untalented street performer. I couldn’t go forward, and I didn’t want to go back, so I sat down and broke out some biscuits. I looked at the whole route on my phone. This was the mistake I was making; nobody climbs a mountain in one big step. I zoomed in to the UK section and told myself to focus on that part for now. And with that, I felt just about able to carry on. I finally saw what was ahead of me with complete clarity: a mammoth, but achievable, challenge.

Like a depressed person struggling to get out of bed, I avoided putting my thumb out for as long as possible. I walked until there was no pavement, then I disconnected my mind from my body and watched my thumb go up. I got picked up right away. I was on my way!


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