How to not care what people think

We all want to be accepted, but sometimes we require validation so much that it can get to us. I’m going to tell you, from hard-earned experience, why you shouldn’t worry about what people think.

When I began hitchhiking, I’d tried once before, a week prior. Well, I hadn’t even put my thumb out, so maybe that doesn’t constitute trying. I looked at the oncoming cars, unable to look at their drivers. They were judging me, I could feel it, and I didn’t want them to think badly of me.

So, a week later at the first hitchhiking spot which began it all, my friend had to be the one to raise his thumb. He succeeded in seconds with no concern for those failed attempts.

I realised that I will never see those passing drivers again, so why should I worry what they think?

Imagine now if I, a man hitchhiking around the world, cared what people think. I wouldn’t have been able to leave on day 1!

In life, people tend to come and go more frequently than you realise. It’s wasted energy worrying what they think, because they’ll be gone very soon. If you can’t control it, then worrying about it is pointless.

You’re the centre of your world, as other’s are the middle of theirs. You’ll realise how little you should care what people think when you realise how little people do actually think about you. A depressing truth, but something we need to realise.

Besides, people are always going to think badly of you, and it can hurt when it’s your own family. So I think that if you are your true self, the one you might be supressing to please those around you, then you’ll make the right people think well of you.

It would seem to me that you’re associated with the wrong people. Hang around with the right people and they will encourage you so much that the opinions of negative people won’t enter your radar.

I’m so happy and fulfilld now that the thoughts of others don’t even enter my head.

– On June 01 2017, I left to hitchhike alone around the world –

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