To Travel Solo or with a Partner?

My big hitchhiking adventure has thus far been purely a solo feat. But, as I get ready for my expedition partner Daniel Aspey-Smith to join me next month (I am VERY excited!), I consider the pros and cons of solo travel versus with a friend.

With a partner

  • Share costs, get a private hotel room instead of two dormitory beds.
  • Share the load. They help you make decisions and are good at helping with stress.
  • Your memories are shared, which makes them more golden. You can get them to back you up when telling the stories too
  • Less scary going in to unknown places. I myself become very reserved in situations like this, but with company I am very open. It is a completely different experience.
  • Not as lonely
  • Less boring


  • You make all the decisions
  • More exciting
  • You are more immersed
  • You meet more people, have deeper conversations and more unique experiences
  • Self-confidence boost
  • More personal time to read, reflect and process
  • More help from strangers, opening you up to unique experiences such as having dinner in Uzbekistan
  • True freedom. You can go wherever you want, when you want, say what you want and do what you want (within the limits of local laws)
  • Greater sense of achievement. You did it yourself, off your own back. That feels great.

I had to begin with a group, because solo, I’d probably have had a break down. Only after 2 months was I ready to go solo.

Butv whether you choose to adventure solo or with a buddy, be sure to enjoy your time!

– On June 01 2017, I left to hitchhike alone around the world –
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