Leaving Vietnam (Finally)…

In one week, I will get back on the road and will leave the horrible place that is Vietnam.

The passport is ready and things laid out ready to pack for an early start.

I will post a map outlining my route home tomorrow.

I’ve been fired four times, proposed to about fifty and generally just had a bad time.

I’ve been ready to leave for weeks, but the time is finally near.

5 months is more than enough for anyone and I am ecstatic to be getting out and back to what I do best – standing on roadsides and looking like I need help.

This photo is from Georgia, when I was a week from leaving there. I was missing moving every day and needed a break from routine, so I took my tent to a hilltop overlooking the capital city of Tbilisi.

On June 01 2017, I left the UK to hitchhike around the world.

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