One year ago today…

​Less than two months after leaving the UK to #hitchhike alone around the #world, I thought I had already failed. The Chinese had refused my #visa application and there was no other safe route East. I’ve never felt worse in my life as I did when I found out; the trip I had been planning and telling people about for over a year had seemingly come to a sudden and unexpected end. My reaction was both emotional and physical, feeling heavy in my stomach and chest, like someone had kicked me a few times and was now sitting on me.

To make things even worse, I managed to open a whole bottle of garlic dressing inside my backpack which I bought as a treat to have with some boiled rice. But it did keep the vampires away.

The next day, I couldn’t get out of my tent. What would I do now? Hope was gone for completing my goal, but I still had the visa for Russia. I had to see that mysterious country! And next was Kazakhstan which was visa-free! I would make the most of a bad situation, I told myself, and see what I could do about the Chinese visa. 

One year ago today, after 8 months of scrounging around for hints of #hope, half a chance of finding a #consulate that would grant me the visa outside of my country of residency, I had my passport returned to me in Tbilisi, Georgia with this small piece of paper stuck inside. Seeing the visa there, I had to prove to myself that I wasn’t dreaming; the first and biggest #challenge of the almost-two-year trip had been overcome.

Putting your mind to something and committing to it means you can acheive literally anything, as I proved to myself and I hope to you too. Never lose hope, no matter how hard something seems.

Your support during the trip has been a big part of what has kept me going, particularly through obstacles like this, because I never really felt alone.


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