Two years on the road!

It may have looked like an individual effort, but without the countless people who have provided me with transport, those who have made sure I’m okay and eating properly (for my mum more than for me) and all of you supporting me through social media, I wouldn’t be here now – over halfway around the planet! I feel incredibly grateful to be able to take all of that into the next stage as I continue hitchhiking East towards home.

I’m no better than anyone else. I get scared, make mistakes and have insecurities too; on the first day of this journey, I got lost! What I endevour to do through social media and my website is to provide you with the means to develop the confidence to pursue your own ideas, whatever they might be. If I can do this journey, you can do anything!

June 01 2017 – This day was one of the hardest of my life. I’d told everyone I knew and met about my adventure. I’d been so excited about this moment for over a year, but this imaginary day had finally come and the reality hit me like a car.

I was actually terrified. I felt so heavy, like gravity had increased only for me, that I couldn’t even lift my thumb up to begin hitchhiking! .
It took me until almost 3 hours to start trying.

Two years on, after countless challenges, it’s not over yet. This makes me incredibly nervous but even more excited! Thanks again to all of you.


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