7 Ways to Save for an Adventure

One of the biggest reasons people don’t embark on an adventure is because they don’t have enough money.

This shouldn’t be what stops you.

It can be tough saving the money, but it’s also very doable if you know how.

In this article I’ll set out my 8 ways to help you save for a big trip.

(Edit): Some people, including myself, work on the road because the trip stretches over a few years. This guide is useful to save money to begin such a trip, and to complete a shorter one.

1. Pay in cash for everything, even your rent and bills if possible. Seeing the money physically leave your hand and your monthly pile get thinner means you’re a lot more conscious of spending.

2. Don’t put away too much. Don’t make the mistake of setting aside too much and then failing after a few weeks. How much can you spare per week without too much pain? Depending on how much time you have, 10-20% of your after-tax paycheck is good.

3. Cut down on unneeded purchases. Whenever you are about to use your valuable money, just ask yourself ‘do I really NEED this’? Continue to treat yourself, just consider doing it less often; it’ll be even better when you do!

This extends to bills – do you need a phone contract? Netflix subscription? Each cutback will add up!

4. Sell unnecessary items. We actually need very little in this world. Spend a weekend clearing out your room, house, garage, etc. What don’t you need anymore? Be ruthless. Pretty soon, you’ll be carrying everything you need – what will you leave behind?

5. Get a friend to do the same. This will provide you with someone to go to when it gets tough and who can encourage you to stay with it. We’re social animals and are a lot more likely to do something if someone else like us is doing it.

6. Set a date. Book the flights, then you HAVE to go. If you’re not flying, tell everyone you know and meet about your trip. This means you’re fully committed to it, because nobody wants to back on big claims like this!

7. Be honest with yourself. Keep a document or a notebook with your income and your outgoings. It’ll be painful, but worthwhile.


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