Where am I now and what’s happening?

A lot of you have asked me this recently, so I thought I’d put a post together.

When I reached Australia in February, I had used up almost all of my money so I have had to stop for the third (and hopefully the final) time to work.

I ended up in a small outback town in Northwest Australia called Derby (pronounced ‘derr-be’, not the proper way of ‘darr-be’) and found a job as a Barista (the moustache fits the image well). How and why will be revealed in good time. I’ll be here for a few more months (I can’t be more accurate than that, sorry).When I have saved enough I will be continue East, covering this HUGE country and somehow finding a way to the Americas and ultimately Falmouth where I started 2 years and 9 days ago.

I am still happy and healthy. Thanks everyone for your concern. I hope this post answers your questions. More to follow.


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