Hitchhiking Around the World

On June 1 2017, I left the UK to hitchhike alone around the world

The Route

The current progress can be seen below.


Why hitchhike around the world?

In the West, we seem to be so scared of people we don’t know. For some reason, we’re told in school not to talk to anyone if you don’t already know them. This makes a hell of a lot of people! It also leaves a lot of room for stories to be passed around to fill the gaps in our knowledge. We don’t know what the rest of the world is like and this is why I am hitchhiking around it and documenting my adventure. So far, it has been wonderful.


How long will it take?

I originally expected it to take six months, but that was back when my final destination was Singapore. The most likely possibility is that my trip will take a total of two-three years.


Rules and restrictions

The line you see above, I hope, will be unbroken by paid transport.

The Golden Rule – Never pay for transport to advance.

Walking for two hours just to meet a friend for a beer seems a bit unnecessary, so I allow myself the occasional bus ticket. But when I do pay for transport, I always return to the same spot I reached by hitchhiking or walking.

The exception to this rule is if it is paid for by the kindness of someone else. When I got to Moscow, a stranger paid for my bus ticket to the center, but I had to walk from the center to the outskirts on the other side.

When hitchhiking either isn’t possible or isn’t working, I walk.


The story so far

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German Prostitutes and Another Swollen Face; Hitchhiking Around the World Day 20 –


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A Near-Death Experience: Hitchhiking Around the World Days 32 and 33

Into the Former USSR and the Chinese Visa Crisis; Hitchhiking Around the World: Days 34 – 40

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Latvia Part 1/2 – Riga. Hitchhiking Around the World Days 43 -50

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Estonia. Hope is the Opposite of Fear – Hitchhiking Around the World Day 60 – 62

Dumpster Diving and a Sh**ty Situation – Hitchhiking Around the World Day 63

Goodbye, Estonia – Day 66 – 68

Hello, Russia!

St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod

Hitchhiking Buses – Veliky Novgorod and the Road to Moscow

Moscow and Another Adventure-Ender

The Time I Thought I had Been Kidnapped – Day 71-73 – Russia

Day 74-78 – What it Means to be British

Day 78 – Into Kazakhstan

Day 79 – 82 – To Astana

Day 82-85 – Astana

Astana to Almaty

Almaty and Overcoming the 3.5 Month Hurdle

Almaty to Takhkent

Tashkent to Samarkand

The Time I Almost Got Married – Uzbekistan Part 2/3

Hitchhiking to the End of the World – Nukus to Aktua – Uzbekistan Part 3/3

Azerbaijan Part 1/2 – Baku to Gebele

Azerbaijan Part 2/2 – Gebele to Georgia

The Winter of Shifting Personality – Georgia

Back to Almaty and on to Bishkek -Kyrgyzstan Part 1/2 – Hitchhiking Around the World

Kyrgyzstan Part 2/2 – Bishkek to Dushanbe – Tom’s Big Hitchhiking Adventure

The Pamir Highway and Kulma Pass to China – Hitchhiking Around the World

This was not the China I had envisioned – Hitchhiking around the world

Hitchhiking Around the World – China Part 2 – Turpan to Dunhuang

Goodbye, Vietnam

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