“Incredible and Inspiring. The response from students was amazing.”

– Falmouth and Exeter Expedition Society 

Tom delivered an outstanding talk that enthralled everyone in the room. It was so interesting to hear about his adventures and he inspired us to begin planning our own!

– The Yes Tribe 

“We have worked with many speakers, but I have never seen such tremendous response from an audience as I did at Tom’s talk.”

– Tales of Adventure, London

“Something special. Everyone there was inspired. A truly memorable talk.”

– Yerevan State University

“Our students felt so inspired. We would gladly have you back!”

– The International School of Uzbekistan

“Both the students and teachers enjoyed it.”

– British International School of Armenia
The Talk

I used to suffer from anxiety, taking the necessary medication, and was aspiring to work in an office for someone else. Hitchhiking alone around the world is certainly something that nobody I spoke to thought was possible, especially for someone like me.

So far on his trip, the lessons I have learned through the hardships of solo-hitchhiking have taught me that we are all capable of so much more than we think, and that the world we are told about on the news is nowhere near what it is in reality. I am trying to show you that feeling unable to do something is never a restriction. I aims to inspire and motivate people, young and old, in the hope that they will one day be brave enough to follow their own dream.

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